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Upload your BIM file

Upload your file to the Spectr BIM platform, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Visualize and collaborate

Collaborate in the way that suits you and your stakeholders best.

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Prepare your project

Utilize the insights from your session to make faster and better decisions.

Visualize your BIM the way you want it

Bring the power of visualization into your project, just the way you want it.

Cloud streaming

From any device, you can view and modify your model (without VR).

Single User VR at your location

Use a VR headset at your location, supported by our strong technical team.

Multiplayer VR at your location

Do you want to make a real impression? We will come to your location with our pop-up arena and provide your location access to a new world.

Interested in the possibilities?

Collaborating on your projects can happen anywhere.