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About Spectr BIM

At Spectr BIM, we are committed to revolutionizing Building Information Modeling.

Effortless visualization and intelligent decision-making with Spectr BIM

At Spectr BIM, we are dedicated to revolutionizing BIM visualization and collaboration.

Our platform empowers professionals with a simple yet powerful tool to work smarter, more efficiently, and with greater confidence on their projects, shaping a promising future for the construction industry.

Our story

Spectr BIM was born from a visionary idea to make BIM accessible to all.

Our founders, Lode and Arne, deeply understood the challenges faced by industry professionals and embarked on a passionate journey to create a solution that simplifies workflows, enhances collaboration, and saves costs.

Years of unwavering commitment, research, development, and collaboration with industry experts have culminated in Spectr BIM.

Today, we proudly stand as pioneers in the field, continually pushing the boundaries of BIM visualization.

Our team is driven to continuously innovate and provide the most advanced tools and functionalities to meet the needs of our users.

Our mission

Our mission is crystal clear: we want to equip professionals with the essential tools to excel in the world of BIM. We are driven to simplify complex processes, foster effective collaboration, and enable intelligent decision-making.

With Spectr BIM, we strive to transform project visualization, spark a true collaboration revolution, and ultimately shape the future of the AEC industry. Our unwavering commitment to technological innovation ensures our users have a competitive advantage.

Our team is relentless in its pursuit of innovation and supporting customer success. We tirelessly work to deliver the most advanced, user-friendly, and impactful BIM visualization platform in the industry. Together, we are building a better future for the AEC sector, where efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration become the standard.

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