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Make your BIM accessible in
virtual reality

Spectr BIM, the BIM solution for visualization and collaboration

Spectr BIM, de BIM-oplossing voor visualisatie en samenwerking
Spectr BIM, eenvoudige BIM visualisatie en samenwerking

Effortless visualization and collaboration

Streamline your BIM workflow by effortlessly uploading your files to the Spectr BIM website. Our advanced platform converts your design, along with all metadata, into stunning visualizations.

Collaborate in real-time, examine your designs in detail, identify potential issues, and optimize your project.

Thanks to Spectr BIM, all stakeholders collaborate more efficiently, resulting in faster solutions, reduced costs, and a superior end result.

Visualize your design, make adjustments where necessary,
and collaborate successfully

Spectr BIM provides full support throughout the entire process, from design to construction.
Seamlessly visualize and collaborate at every project phase, efficiently bringing your design to life.

The power of collaboration

Leverage the power of teamwork with the real-time collaboration feature of Spectr BIM.

Collaborate effortlessly with stakeholders, architects, engineers, and contractors to prevent costly errors and delays.

The future of visualization

Spectr BIM brings your designs to life with unique visual fidelity.

Experience immersive walkthroughs of your projects, inspect every detail, take precise measurements, document your journey in the model, make annotations, and unlock endless possibilities.

Simplify your workflow

Stay continuously updated on project progress and ensure efficient project management with our cutting-edge tools. Spectr BIM equips you with everything you need to streamline your workflow and accomplish successful project completion.

Experience simplified processes and achieve exceptional outcomes effortlessly.

Easily extract data from sessions

Our platform provides comprehensive session reports that capture crucial information, including accurate measurements, previously made changes, and valuable insights.

Empower yourself to work with this data after each session, turning valuable knowledge into action!

Where does Spectr BIM fit in your project?

Discover its added value together with us.